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Four Ways To Help Your Child Conquer The Math Monster

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As a parent, you want to help your child succeed in school. If your child is struggling with a certain math concept, it is time to rethink that way you work on homework. Try one of these alternatives to help your child master that tricky math lesson. 1. Tailor the Lesson to Your Child’s Learning Style Everyone learns in different ways. Some people learn by listening, while others prefer to read new material. Others have to learn by doing; for example, they may need to do math problems multiple times to grasp a new concept. Determine which way your child learns best and customize the lesson for your child. Math work books, recorded lessons, and work sheets are a few different items you can use to make the lesson suit your child’s learning preferences. 2. Make Math into a Game Children love to play games, so what better way to promote new math skills than with an exciting game? Math bingo is one possibility. Each square should contain an equation that your child has to solve. You call out the number. Your child then has to solve equations to see which square has the number you’ve called out. Another fun idea is to incorporate your child’s favorite toys into the learning session. For example, if your child is struggling with algebra equations, integrate your child’s action figures into the learning process. Toys serve as a great model to visually depict math problems. 3. Swap Homework Sessions to a Different Time of Day Like adults, children have certain times of the day when they are able to focus better and learn fresh information more easily. If your child is completely exhausted by the evening hours, it doesn’t make sense to have this time serve as homework time. Move lessons to the early afternoon or even the morning hours. Your child may be able to focus better after a refreshing night of sleep and a nutritious breakfast. 4. Adhere to a Schedule Cramming is one of the worst ways for your child to learn new ideas. Instead, your child should spread the material out over multiple days. Doing a little bit at a time prevents your child’s brain from becoming overloaded with information. To prevent cramming, help your child make a schedule. This visually shows your child when it is time to study and what needs to be done to stay on target for their learning goals. Math concepts can trip up even the most studious students, so you may need to consider math homework help at home or at tutoring centers. Help your child implement these study tips to get a better grasp on difficult math...

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Should You Take Practice Tests To Prepare For Your Roofing Contractor Exam?

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How easy is it to pass your contractor exam for roofing? You may think that test preparation consists of learning all there is to know about installing roofs, and there’s truth to that. You do need to know your trade. But the licensing exam — regardless of which state you are in — can’t adequately capture your hands-on knowledge. You’ll have to be familiar with what the test asks and know some strategies for success.  Why Practice Tests Help There’s one good method for practicing both in preparation for taking your licensing exam: Taking practice tests. According to research about studying and test taking, an activity that requires you to practice retrieving the information from your brain and applying it does more good and helps you retain details better than simply poring over notes or reading materials. Plus, it helps you retain the information for longer periods — students who read and take a test about what they read remember as much as 50 percent more than students who take and re-read notes or draw diagrams about the material.  A lot of testing research is related to academics, but the same principles apply to any type of test, including those for contractors and hands-on trades. Practicing what you need to do helps your brain organize the information so you can access it easier when you’re engaged in a real test. What Practice Tests Can Tell You A roofing exam prep class that includes practice tests can help you fully prepare for your licensing exam in several ways. They tell you what you don’t know. If you are having problems with specific types of questions or a specific area of roofing, you can spend your study time focusing on those areas.  You can better understand what is being asked. Let’s face it, multiple choice questions are never going to be a great measure of how skilled you are in installing roofs. But they do check your basic knowledge, and if you have experience answering test questions in the style presented, you will be able to pass more easily. They get you into the groove of testing. If you’re not familiar with how the test looks or what you’ll be required to do, you may have some anxiety that will impact your performance. While you still may be nervous about taking the roofing exam in your state, you’ll know what to expect. What to Look For in a Roofing Exam Prep Class The ability to take practice tests is one great reason to enroll in a roofing exam prep class. Your instructors will have realistic practice test questions and full tests that you can take, either on paper or online.  Other benefits to a roofing exam prep class include: The chance to ask skilled instructors questions about the test and the industry.  The materials you’ll need to study for success, like industry best practices and guides. Tips for mastering skills you’ll need on the test, like construction math. You’ll need to brush up on your basic math skills to perform well on the exam, and a prep class can guide you on what’s required. Taking a roofing exam prep class can get you in the right mindset to excel at getting your license and will put you one step closer, more...

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Four Reasons To Consider A Private School For Your Child With ADHD

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If you have a child that has been diagnosed with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and he or she is currently enrolled in public school, there are many good reasons to transfer them to a private school with a specialty in teaching kids with this condition. The following are four reasons to consider enrolling your child in ADHD schools. Your public school may be underfunded Public school programs for children with ADHD vary greatly. These variations are often due to funds. This can result in too many students per teacher. In addition, some of the teachers may not have as much experience as those found in private sector schools teaching children with ADHD. Your public school may be working hard to help your child, but if they have insufficient funding, they are not likely to get the job done to the standards that your child requires. Your child will not be bullied It is true that public schools are trying to stop bullying, but it is difficult to stop it completely. Even if your child is not subjected to physical bullying, name calling can be hurtful. This can be happening without you even being aware of it. If your child is enrolled in a school that specialized in teaching kids with ADHD, he or she will not be singled out and ridiculed for being different. Your child will not be stigmatized In some public schools, they protect ADHD children from problems associated with the general population of school children through segregation. Children are simply placed in classes far from the rest of the children. But this form of isolation can stigmatize children as being different from the others in a negative manner. This form of stigmatization can stay with your child for the rest of their life. Your child will enjoy going to school If your child doesn’t like going to school, it may be due to any number of reasons, including the ones listed above. But if their unhappiness at schools relates to their ADHD, this is likely to change in a private school that specializes in children with ADHD. They will be around children their own age who will show empathy towards them and not cruelty. The teachers will have the experience and skill to teach them, and as they learn, they will become more confident and enjoy school. Although you may decide to keep your child in their present school, you should give the idea of a private school with dedicated education for children with ADHD consideration. What you do for your child’s educational needs today, can have a profound effect on the rest of his or her...

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Increase Your Website Traffic With A Personal Story

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More than 3 billion people use the Internet on a regular basis; however, even with all this traffic, there is no guarantee that any of these users will make their way to your website. You have to set yourself apart from the pack if you want to accomplish this. Incorporating personal stories into your campaign to increase traffic to your website is an excellent way to accomplish this goal.    What Are Personal Stories? Personal stories are just what they sound like, a personal account. These stories can range from a personal testimony about a particular product or an emotionally driven story that ignites the reader to take action. Whatever the theme of the piece, these stories are both relatable and don’t sound sales copy, making them more enjoyable to read and most importantly, believable.    Have A Goal In Mind Have a goal in mind with the story.  Your goal should be what course of action you want people to take after they read the story. For instance, if you are selling a product, your goal could be for visitors to realize that they need your product after reading the story. This reason this is important is that when you have a goal in mind it will be far easier to select a story best suited to meet this need. If you’re having trouble determining your goal, take a few moments to think about the audience that you are catering to and go from there. Speak With The Writer It’s also a good idea to speak with the writer who you plan to work with. This is important whether you plan to purchase a prewritten story or you plan to have the story crafted specifically for your website. This is important for several reasons. First, this will help you better plan your budget. Writers who craft personal stories often base their fees in two ways: as a ghostwriter or a guest writer.  As a ghostwriter, you generally have full rights to the story and are not required to give the writer credit. As a guest writer, you may not have full rights to the piece and you generally only pay a usage fee. In many instances, a piece prepared by a ghost writer is more expensive. Secondly, speaking with the writer can better ensure your goal is met. If you’re looking for a new approach, personal stories are an effective and unique way to drive traffic to your...

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How To Earn A Living As A Pilot And Help Make The World A Better Place

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Interested in a potentially well-paying career but still desire to be a world humanitarian? Well, if you have the right stuff to get through flight training, then the aircraft pilot profession might be for you. Fortunately, aviation schools are recruiting qualified students at the moment because of a pilot shortage. To help you better understand how being an airplane or helicopter operator can be joined with a lifetime of global humanitarian aid, here are four perfect examples. 1. Evacuate People in Remote Areas to Hospitals Helicopters transport injured or sick parties in remote areas. In many underdeveloped countries, the infrastructure is of poor quality. The people lack adequate roads, for example. Those living in mountainous or densely-forested regions can find it nearly impossible to make it to medical facilities. Helicopter ambulances can “medivac” these people to the nearest treatment center. Jamaica is one Western nation, in particular, that uses such a service. The jungle of the island has thousands of residents, many of whom must be airlifted to receive medical care. Drop Food to Refugees A very sad reality is that much of the food sent by foreign aid organizations fails to reach the people. Poor nations often lack the resources to distribute the food to those spread throughout the land. Airplane pilots can drop food to these people in need. Refugees, who could be on the run from some natural catastrophe or trying to escape war, are potential recipients. Help the Rich Avoid Traffic Jams Some nations have amazing potential, but infrastructural problems slow down economic growth. In Brazil, the wealthy find it hard to conduct business quite often. They can be stuck in traffic for hours in such hubs as Sao Paulo, with its population of over 11 million people. To get around major cities, the wealthy of the largest nation in South America have taken up the practice of catching helicopters. This mode of transportation allows them to arrive on time for meetings where the big deals get made. Hopefully, these successful enterprises result in jobs for the masses. Fly People Between Cities in Isolated Areas It is actually impossible to drive through certain areas, especially the Amazon region of Brazil, Colombia and Peru. Airplanes are the principal form of intercity travel. Pilots can find opportunities to work here helping people move around these otherwise isolated regions. Get Involved in the Aviation Industry Today Flight schools in the United States are training students now to be the pilots of tomorrow. Graduates can enjoy a both lucrative and fulfilling career. Just contact an admissions representative today, like one at Parkland College, for more...

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Help Your Teen Pass Their Driving School Test With These 3 Tips

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Many teens have to attend some form of driving school before they can get their driver’s license to ensure they learn everything they need to learn to be as safe as they can be when they get behind the wheel. Teens can still get their learner’s permit while they are in driving school so that they can practice the information that they are taught with an adult. Your child will have to pass a driving test in order to graduate from the driving school. The guide below walks you through ways you can help your child practice the things they need to know in order to pass the test. Take Your Child Out Driving Regularly While it can be scary to be in the car with a teen driver, the only way that your teen is going to learn how to drive well is to actually get behind the wheel. Let your teen drive as often as possible so that you can see any issues they are having and correct them before the test. Ensure they use their blinkers and headlights, do not fiddle with the radio or text on the phone, and stay within the posted speed limit. Help Your Child Learn the Rules of the Road Along with the driving test that your child will have to take, he or she will also have to take a written test to show their knowledge of the driving laws in your area. Create flashcards with the information that your child needs to know, such as stopping distances, road signs, and speed limits in specific areas and review the information with them nightly. Explain and Practice Defensive Driving Finally, you want to be sure that your child knows what to do when another driver is not paying attention when they are behind the wheel. Teach your child how to avoid being hit by someone who is changing lanes without seeing that they are already in the lane. Help them understand when it is okay to alert someone with their horn and what to do if they are involved in an accident. Once your child passes their driving school test, they will be able to go to the Department of Motor Vehicles to take the test that the state requires and get their license. While knowing the rules of the road are important, be sure to prepare your child for what they need to do if they get a flat tire, if they are involved in an accident, or if someone is driving aggressively near them. This will help to ensure that they are prepared for any situation that could occur when they are out on the road on their own. If you’re looking for a driving school for your teen, visit Morgan School Of Driving...

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Three Reasons Why You Should Enroll Your Child In A Montessori Child Day Care Center

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There are child day care centers and then there are Montessori day care centers. There is a vast difference between a standard day care center and one that strictly focuses on the Montessori program. While there are many benefits to enrolling your children in a Montessori daycare, there are equally as many reasons why you definitely should. Here are just a few of those reasons. Montessori Programs Foster Independence and Freedom of Choice If your child is the type of kid that definitely knows his or her own mind and may even be labeled as “willful” by some other teachers you have encountered, the problem may not be your child’s personality but the day care center itself. Your child would fare far better in a Montessori program, where independence is not only praised, but encouraged. Additionally, freedom of choice and self-guided learning are at the core of Montessori programs, which means that your child’s “willfulness” is no longer a problem or even a real issue because he or she is allowed to choose what materials to interact with and explore so they can learn about what topics interest him or her the most. Montessori Program Materials Can Be Used at Home Too If your child is really learning a lot from the program in the center, then he or she can continue that learning at home with the same materials. In fact, projects and learning at home is encouraged, even at an early age with the Montessori program and its materials. Montessori teachers often lend out materials to families who would like to try some of the materials at home before purchasing them, a feature you will not find in regular daycare centers. Montessori Child Care Programs Transition Smoothly into Elementary Charter Schools Many of the charter schools now popping up across the country are Montessori schools for elementary, secondary and high school education. If you would like your child to enter one of these Montessori charter schools in your area, you should enroll him or her in a Montessori day care/ preschool early on. The transition made from the day care/ preschool levels to Montessori charter schools is reportedly so smooth that kids have no problem adjusting to full days in the kindergarten classroom. Since they continue working with some of the same materials they remember from day care, this also makes them feel very safe and secure in the elementary level classrooms. Contact a center, like Miniapple International Montessori School, for more...

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A Business Graduate Degree Can Have A Positive Effect On Your Personal Life

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If you’re considering a business graduate degree, your focus is probably on the professional benefits this type of academic accomplishment can help you achieve. Yes, a graduate degree does offer more employment opportunities and higher salary potential, but this isn’t it. Don’t overlook the benefits an advanced degree can have on other areas of your life. Your business graduate degree can afford a number of benefits in your personal life as well. Self-Confidence Earning a graduate level degree requires a valiant effort. If you have the ability, focus and will to complete this degree program successfully, this is something to be proud of. Completing your degree can help improve your self-confidence. Not only will you be more confident when meeting with co-workers in the boardroom, you will also be more confident in your relationships. You might even be more motivated to embark on a new activity or hobby that you might have otherwise shied away from, such as training for a marathon. As an added bonus, improved self-confidence can help you build better relationships in the business world, which will also help your professional achievements. Critical Thinking Skills Graduate level program requires a higher level of critical thinking than undergraduate programs. While most often applied to academic and professional environments, this skill is important for many areas of life. This skill helps you analyze and evaluate scenarios in order to come to a more informed judgment, which can be especially important when interacting with people. For example, instead of rushing to judgment in certain scenarios, you will have the internal skills to sit back and examine the situation first before making a decision you may later regret, which is an especially helpful skill. In terms of the business world, this can help you better evaluate business partnerships before making a decision. Family Relationships Whether it’s the increased financial success, greater employment opportunities or some other professional benefit, these benefits can often spill over to your family relationships. In terms of finances, money troubles cause problems that create tension in couples and even with children in the home. Greater financial success can often help lower the likelihood of significant financial troubles. Someone who is working in a position they don’t enjoy can sometimes let their feelings of frustration spill over into their home life. Increased employment opportunities can also lower the chance of being stuck in a position you don’t like, which can also affect your family relationships positively. If you’re considering a graduate degree, it’s time to act now so that you can experience new heights and successes in your professional and personal life. With focus and an internal desire for advancement, you can successfully complete your business graduate...

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8 Tips To Help Your Teen Prepare For A Driver’s Test

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Before your teen can get a driver’s license, he or she has to pass the driving test administered by the Department of Motor Vehicles in your state. Unfortunately, not everyone passes the first time. Here are some tips to help prepare your teen for the driving test.  Encourage your teen to study early. Cramming for the test does not ensure he or she fully digests what is read. Start encouraging your teen to study for the test as early as possible. View online video study guides. There are several state-specific video study guides available online. The guides provide your child with the basics of every aspect of driving, including defensive driving. The videos are particularly helpful if your child is a visual learner.  Administer a practice test. The written part of the test can be unnerving, but it has to be passed to obtain a driver’s license. To help your child get over the nervousness of taking the test, have him or her take practice tests. The tests are also available online.  Review missed questions with him/her. After each practice test, go over the missed questions with your teen. Discuss why his or her answer was wrong and explain the correct one. Have a study party. If your child has classmates and friends who are also taking the test, host a study party. During the party, you and other parents can help answer questions about road rules. The kids also have a chance to help each other understand what needs to be learned.  Take your teen out for a drive. The more practice your teen has behind the wheel, the better a driver he or she will be. Do not limit your driving sessions to the same areas. By switching up areas and weather conditions, you can help your teen learn how to adapt to different situations. Be clear in communications. While driving with your teen, be very clear with your instructions. Remember, your teen is focused on the road. Too many instructions can be confusing and distracting. Do not overload your teen. Learning to drive is more stressful than you might remember. Overloading your teen can discourage him or her. Keep your prodding to a reasonable level.  To ensure that your child has the best chance of passing the driver’s test, consider enrolling him or her in a driving school. The school can help your child prepare for both the written and behind the wheel portion of the test. To learn more, visit a website...

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Finding A Child Care Center For A Special Needs Child

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Finding a child care center for a special needs child can be challenging; you’ll need to do some additional research to make sure that the staff is both caring and knowledgeable enough to meet the unique needs of your child. Here are some things to look and when choosing a child care center for your child.  Special Needs Qualifications  The first thing to look at is whether the staff has experience working with special needs children. You may want to ask if they have any other special needs children at the center currently, and how they are working to help these children. Aside from experience, a staff member with a special needs teaching certificate can be very helpful.  Hands-On Staff Another thing to note is how hands-on the staff is. Do they have a prescribed schedule of activities, or do they work with individual children to help them develop on their own terms? A high staff to student ratio is great because it allows the staff to pay individualized attention to your child. Ask the staff if they will be able to work on the special skills that your child needs to learn.  Ability to Prepare Your Child for Kindergarten Depending on your child’s disability, they will often be missing certain skills that are crucial to the classroom. Mention these deficiencies to your daycare center and come up with a plan for addressing them at the child care center. For instance, if your child has difficulties with following instructions, the daycare staff are a great resource for helping with this. If your child is lacking in some sensory skills, does the daycare have sensory toys that they can use to teach your child? Most importantly, do you observe that the staff is patient enough to help your child with these deficiencies? This list should help you start to narrow down your options for choosing the right child care center. In the end, it will often come down to the personality fit between the staff and your child, so make sure that you introduce your special needs child to the staff and see how they interact with your child. Especially in the case of a special needs child, it’s important to build the trust and understanding between you child and their daytime caregivers. With the right daycare center, you’ll be able to feel comfortable that the staff can help your child development as much as...

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